Lightbody Activation & Training

Your breath carries the light and your attention is the driver.

You have everything you need within to experience transcendent health.

What is the purpose of DNA Activation & Attunement?

  • Healing from chronic, degenerative and terminal illness & disease
  • Healing & realignment of brain
  • Strengthens mental & emotional health
  • Promotes healing of organs, tissues & muscles
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Increased physical energy & clarity
  • Access deep inner wisdom & improve decision making
  • Deepen confidence in your natural gifts

Think of us as your partner. Our purpose is to help you to experience, learn & develop integrative energy healing programs through both leading you through healing and providing you with blueprints that you can replicate as you build and expand your own practice.

Online Training in DNA Activation & Attunement

Experience one-on-one training in energy healing from anywhere in the world.

DNA Activation & Attunement is an energy healing modality that is also a comprehensive program of exercises that train you in the full activation of your lightbody. You breathe high vibrational frequencies of light through your chakra points and meridians of both your subtle and physical bodies.  This level of light in your body will begin the process of allowing you to restructure your DNA and all cellular response in your body.

Our program leads you through the DNA Activation & Attunement process through hypnosis, guided meditation & creative visualization and through the creation of sacred energetic geometric spaces.

Dive Deeper Into Our Programs & Philosophy


Our healing model leads you through daily practices to maintain a peak state of energetic health. This supports the 10 attunements that are at the core of the healing program. The strength of this program is in it’s depth and in the comprehensive nature of the system itself.

The activations and attunements are assisted by a group of angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, lightbeings, master guides and elemental spirits. Through hypnotic meditative energy healing experiences breathe a spiraling vortex of energy through your body and mind. All with the intention of helping you to rise into your highest self.


Experience Telehealth Treatments

Meet virtually individually & in small in-person groups for DNA Activations. Your entire energetic body will be transformed by this experience. DNA Activation & Attunement is an intensive healing process that results in the activation of your lightbody. As your lightbody is activated and attuned, your physical, mental & emotional bodies will also undergo shifts.

Student Preventative Healthcare Plan

All students receive an opportunity to receive student Indigo Preventative Healthcare Plan. Indigo Preventative Healthcare Plan is optional. For a small annual fee students receive an annual benefit that provides holistic telehealth treatments monthly at Indigo Clinics.


Our virtual coaching program supports you in creating and maintaining a high vibrational state of energetic health. Meet in person or watch on-demand.

From beginner, to practitioner, to master, DNA Activation & Attunement is a healing modality that will strengthen and activate your lightbody at the place that you come to the practice. In this way, this experience is not designed to be a one-and-done. You have lifetime access so that you can make this a regular part of your healing routine, it is a practice you can return to over and over again, and it will continue to help you fine-tune the energetic frequency of your lightbody.

Healing Altar Kit

Whether you have a lot of space or a tiny apartment, this program will teach you how to create and cultivate a healing altar for your practice.

When you register for this program, you receive a credit to select crystals for your healing altar kit. Our high vibrational crystals are ethically sourced for healing practitioners. As part of the healing altar kit process, you intuitively select the crystals for your kit.

Workshops & Retreats

We encourage every student to attend our online workshops & retreats. Coming together in person creates a container for transformation. All workshops are free for Pleiadian Institute Students. Our retreats are a time for experiential practice and in-person attunements. 

A Digital DNA Activation Toolbox

Our digital toolbox provides you with audio healing experiences & digital training. All participants have lifetime access to all digital resources. We also provide you with physical tools in the form of our healing altar kit.

Gain access to 50+ hypnotic meditative energy healing experiences, programs that support maintaining a daily meditation practice and more!

Program Portal

You have eternal access to the program portal where all healing audio and video and training & discussions take place. The program portal is more like a superportal, it includes 40 individual portals, each designed to take one week to complete of healing and learning. It is the central hub where all of your experience in this program takes place.

Energy Healing as a Container

Your DNA holds patterns from your past and the past of your ancestors. Your DNA is also dynamic and reforming in each moment, it radiates energy through the patterns embedded in it and directs all cellular responses in your body.

It holds the genetic maps that direct all cellular response in your body. Activating your DNA strands is an energetic therapeutic process that brings deep healing, it repairs damaged cells and awakens dormant cells. This is all done through deeply rooting into high vibrational frequencies of love and light.

Your guide…

Aimee is a holistic therapist, meditation artist & educator. She is the founder & executive director of Indigo International. She is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, an USUI Reiki Master and has been trained in Integrated Energy Therapy, Angel Therapy & Crystal Healing.

Aimee has cultivated a successful holistic private practice for the past decade. She has helped hundreds of people heal from the inside out using tools such as hypnotherapy, guided meditation, Angel Therapy, USUI Reiki and IET. Her Chakra Healing Guided Meditation and Creative Visualization Program has helped thousands of people all over the world bring harmony back into their bodies, minds and spirits.
She is currently working to demonstrate the effectiveness of energy healing practices through the development of an evidence based research program.

Connect with Aimee on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn or Instagram. You can read Aimee’s blog posts here. You can find Aimee’s meditations on Soundcloud, SpotifyAmazon and Itunes.

Option to Train as a Practitioner

The DNA Activation & Attunement Public Program provides you with a healing program in a single modality, DNA Activation & Attunement. This program does not train you to deliver the attunements as a practitioner. It leads you through the healing process. Explore our two Integrative Training programs if you are called to train as a practitioner in DNA Activation & Attunement. Both programs provide a more in-depth training in energy healing and/or hypnosis. Both the Master Energy Healer Certification Program and the Hypnoenergy Therapist Certification program INCLUDES certification in DNA Activation & Attunement AND provides training in multiple complementary holistic modalities. Explore each program in depth:

Workstudy & Financial Aid

We have a spectrum of services to support students with financial needs. Our workstudy program provides an opportunity to work with us and earn credit towards your tuition.

Our financial aid program provides grants, scholarships based on both need and merit and private student loans to support all students who are in need.

In the Words of Our Students…

‘It was the most profound release I have yet experienced, and it was absolutely amazing. All the thoughts/beliefs that I have been working on letting go for months, if not years, were stirred up and pulled out like weeds. I saw and felt them rushing up and out of me, with the words all being dissolved in the violet flame. Incredible. Intense. Freeing. The session left me extremely lightheaded (in a good way) and in a blazing good mood throughout the entire day (and beyond). So excited to have had such an intense experience, and definitely looking forward to even more release, purification and enlightenment..’
- Ryn

Florida, U.S.A., May 2020