DNA Activation & Attunement is an energy healing and breathwork process facilitated through hypnotic meditative healing experiences. Through your breath and attention to light in guided meditative experiences, you work with a spiraling vortex of energy that directs frequencies of light through different parts of the body, chakras and meridians to bring mental, emotional and physical healing. The activations and attunements are assisted by a group of ascended masters, angels and lightbeings and guide you to meet your soul family, soul mates, twin souls, master guides, inner child and your highest self. The purpose of the activations & attunements in addition to the transformational healing that happens physically, mentally and emotionally is to help you realize your true nature, release all earthly limitations & embody your highest self & divine calling as a planetary light-worker.

As your lightbody is activated and attuned, your physical body will also undergo shifts. Your pituitary and pineal gland will expand in light and brain capacity and experience simultaneous multidimensional states of being. The light restructures your DNA and genes. It is common for spontaneous healing to occur at the time of activations or in the 72 hour window before or after the attunement.

This certification course leads you through an intensive healing process and prepares you to integrate this transformative practice into your personal and professional work.


Begin a transformative process of DNA Activations & Attunements. Cleanse cellular memory, genetic codes and trauma from the emotional body. Learn foundational practices to clear space in between cells, clear physical, mental and emotional bodies. Release old images of yourself, embrace your divine perfection!


Expansion begins in our hearts. Expansion is also about opening to receiving all of the highest vibrating energetic frequencies available to us right now on this sacred time on earth. Awaken your heart to divine service and align with the highest frequencies of love, compassion and abundance. Bring your mind and body into the unified field of transcendent peace that exists at all times. Realize the illuminated truth of your presence on earth. Experience Inner Child Healing, Access the Akashic Records, Etheric Body Healing, Cord Cutting & Emotional Body Healing.


To embody is to bring and hold the light within our bodies, minds and souls. It begins with asking for total radiance & believing in your essential nature as A Master beings of Love and Light. As you begin to embody the light you will be challenged to hold the light as you step further out into the world. Move into a deep place of self-love, remember your greatness, deepest passions and desires. Awaken your inner power and begin the process of moving past obstacles with creative visualization. Embrace the full expression of your sexuality and creativity!


Transcendence begins with remembering the wellbeing deep at the center of your being. This eternal wellspring of life is fed in every moment of every day. As we live in awareness of the light within our bodies and minds we come into alignment with transcendent physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. From this place all is possible. Our journey ends with a powerful and transformative series of Merkaba activations. Your Merkaba is a field of energy that surrounds you and is one with the crystalline lightbody of Mother Earth and the cosmos. It is a vehicle of ascension. As we align with it together, we gain the wisdom to bring the miracles of the light into our being and out into the world! Here is a short introduction to the first Activation & Attunement in the process!

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Scholarships, Grants, Student Loans & Workstudy


After you have completed the Activation & Attunement Process, you are led through a unique 6 month long practicum experience. Learn healing, coaching, speaking, teaching, writing & publishing research blueprints. Implement this blueprint in a real world setting. This practicum is designed to support an individual with an existing career or a student beginning a new career. Get bi-weekly coaching & practical advice, actionable guidance, digital marketing materials and resources to begin or expand your own healing practice with individuals or groups.


Whatever direction you decide to take career has been done before in some way. Building your dream is easier when you have the support of others who have done something similar. We have developed a library of resources to help you build every part of your business. From strategy, to technology, to communication & marketing, to accounting we provide you with a blueprint of our exact systems that have supported multiple successful business models in the field of holistic health.

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