DNA Activation & Attunement Group Coaching

This is the recording from our first DNA Activation & Attunement Group Coaching Experience!

The topics covered are:
1. 0:00 – 22:42 Starting and restarting the DNA Activation & Attunement process. Aimee spends about half of this time speaking to students who are enrolled in both this Public Program, and as students at Pleiadian Institute. She compares the two program portals. If you are not a student at Pleiadian Institute. this will not be familiar. This program is mirrored in four courses at Pleiadian Institute. LA101, LA102, LA103 & LA104.
2. 22:43 – 30:10 Daily practices to stay connected to the light.
3. 30:11 – 43:03 Crystalline Light: Understanding Crystalline DNA & Crystalline Lightbody

Find the music here.  First playlist, at the bottom artist name is Deya Dova.

*We experimentally sped up this recording, we agreed it was easier to absorb the information at this speed. If you feel like it is too fast, you can adjust the speed in the bottom lower corner of the video by clicking on the settings button.

Plan to join us live on November 17th!