What is DNA Activation?



Your DNA holds the patterns that your soul has traveled through time and space. It holds the genetic maps that direct all cellular response in your body. Activating your DNA strands is an energetic therapeutic process that can bring deep healing and alignment to your mental, emotional and physical states of health. DNA Activation shifts the patterns within the strands of your DNA into alignment with holy divine light. DNA activation allows you to transcend your current evolutionary pattern and move into higher vibrations of living through rooting the frequencies of love and light deep into your own body.

How Does DNA Activation Work?

As your lightbody is activated and attuned to the Crystalline Grid, your physical body will also undergo shifts. Our powerful and transformative energy healing activations work through chakra points and meridians of both your subtle and physical bodies. As healing light moves through the energy centers and passages in your body, you are led into a remembrance of your true nature as a being of divine light. Your pituitary and pineal gland will expand in light and enable you to utilize much more of your left/right brain capacity and experience simultaneous multidimensional states of being. This level of light in your body will begin the process of allowing you to restructure your DNA and genes.

What is an Attunement?

An energy attunement is an initiation to a high vibrational frequency of energy. It is passed from someone who has already been attuned to that energy frequency. When you accept an energy attunement, you open to a higher vibrational frequency that brings healing and alignment with the highest aspects of yourself.

Energy attunements cause subtle changes to your energy field. It is a healing experience that raises your vibration. To ensure you are attuning to the highest vibrational frequency your spiritual guides and higher self are called in to oversee that the process is aligned with Universal Love.

How Do Energy Attunements Work?

Orbs of light are programmed with the frequency of the energy you are to be attuned to the day before your scheduled attunement. The energetic frequency of the attunements are held in a sacred crystalline symbols that are imprinted onto your energy field. The symbols come together to create an energetic orb help you to resonates with the frequency.

The orb of light maintains perfect integrity while it awaits your reception. It is not subject to our human laws of time and space. The energetic frequency of the attunement is held in the orb of light until you call the attunement in. I specifically connect to you in my sacred healing space and send the attunement for you into the golden orb.

Scheduling An Attunement & Activation

You schedule when you choose to receive the distance activation and attunement.

Preparing for DNA Activation & Attunement

Fast from food, media and sexual activity for 24-72 hours. Prepare a healing environment by bringing crystals, candles or fresh flowers into the space you will be in.

The evening before or morning before your scheduled appointment I will prepare and program your activation and attunement. Once I have prepared and programmed an attunement or activation for you, you may access it any time that you wish.

When you are ready to receive the distance attunement, find a quiet space where you can lie flat uninterrupted for 60-90 minutes. Allow your mind to clear. Listen to the recorded activation and attunement for the level you are receiving.

Once you are completely relaxed say aloud or in your mind, I am now prepared to receive and accept the attunement now! You activate the healing energies of the orb of light with your declaration and the entire attunement transmission is overseen by your higher self. The energy of the attunement will always unfold at the rate that you need and allow.

Completing the Attunement

Once you open to receive the attunement, the orb will become one with your energy field beginning at your soul star chakra. The orb will fill your physical, mental and emotional bodies and seals your crown with divine golden white light and pure love. The energy will always unfold at the rate that you both need and allow.

The hours, days, weeks and months after an attunement is sacred time. It will take time for all of the energy to integrate. During this time, practice grounding activities including physical exercise, whole foods and pure water. Relax and eat healthy, light meals for the next few days and weeks. Be vigilant when it comes to keeping your body hydrated. Water will help to flush out the old energy and will help to give life to the new. Practice self healing daily to fully realize the power of the attunement. You will feel lightness, increased creativity, emotional release, and increased energy. However, as the energy moves through you, you may also feel detox symptoms such as headaches, increased thirst and lower energy levels. These are just signs from your body that the energy is moving through you.

You will find the attunement never stops working in you. In all of my experience, attunements are sacred transmissions. They are created of eternal love and can never be lost, their effects may fade with inattention over time, but will always reveal their undying roots when nurtured and they will become an essential part of who you are! The process of activating your crystalline lightbody brings you into unity with your center of truth and strength. From this place, it is easier and easier to realize every moment is a sacred gift, to connect to our highest selves through our breath and to surrender to the deeper meaning and higher purpose always present.



This course revolves around 10 Distance Healing Attunements. Here is the overview of how the attunements are scheduled over the 40 weeks:

Pillar I – 3 attunements: Portals I, II & VI (Weeks 1, 2 & 6)

Pillar II – 2 attunements: Portals XIV & XVI (Weeks 14 &16)

Pillar III: No Attunements

Pillar IV – 5 attunements: Portals XXXIV, XXXV, XXXVI, XXXVII & XL (Weeks 34, 35, 36, 37 & 40)

During a distance attunement, we do not meet in person. A golden orb of light is programmed for you. You recieve this light and I am with you in a sacred space to facilitate the entire process.

Appointments for Distance Attunements are available Tuesday – Saturday from 1 pm. –  9 pm. EST. You can come back to this same page a total of 10 times to schedule your attunement. You can also schedule the attunements in advance all at once using the schedule above. 

During the time of your scheduled attunement, go back to the portal and listen to the Full Attunement. As you open to recieve the attunement, it will enter your energy field. As you breathe the light through your body during the Full Attunement, you will begin the attunement process. The energy of the attunement unfolds in the hours, days and weeks after the attunement.