Before You Register…

Take a deep breath and imagine your highest self. You are healthy, strong, happy, flexible, confident and radiating your light out into the world. This program is designed to help you to reach and maintain a peak state of energetic health. From that place, all else is possible.

If you need help imagining, read through the words of our students…

Here are some things to know before you start this process:

  • There is no application or registration fee.
  • Our heart-centered advisors are available to answer your questions throughout registration.
  • This registration process is for new students and current students who are enrolling in a new program.
  • If you are seeking financial aid, apply first here before you register.
  • This work is a calling. We have a unique community of students all over the world, who are all called to this work. You are not just training in a modality, you are beginning new networks and relationships with like minded professionals.
  • We are a community of practitioners earnestly supporting one another in our healing work. 
  • We follow a policy of radical inclusion. All students who are active and enrolled are never turned away due to an inability to pay. We do not charge late fees or missed payment fees. Your tuition status does not affect your enrollment status. We offer a full spectrum of financial aid services to students including scholarships, grants, student loans and a workstudy program. You can apply for this support now. This support is also open to you on an ongoing basis once you are enrolled if your life circumstances change over the course of your enrollment. Once you are a student, we are committed to helping you succeed.

The DNA Activation & Attunement Public Program is one of the core healing modalities we train in. This program leads you through the healing curriculum, it does not train you as a practitioner. To train as a practitioner, you must enroll in the Master Energy Healer Certification or Hypnoenergy Therapist Certification programs.

DNA Activation & Attunement Public Program


Tuition: $477 or
5 Monthly Tuition Installments of $121.12
or 11 Monthly Tuition Installments of $43.44

This self-paced program includes 4 separate courses. The entire program can be completed virtually. 

  • 30 Distance Healing Attunements
  • 40 + Transformative, Hypnotic, Meditative Energy Healing Experiences
  • Video Masterclasses
  • Virtual Coaching and Mentoring
  • Lifetime access to Program Portal & Rachel K. Cardoza Research Library
  • Healing Altar Kit
  • Download Program Ebooks including Chakra Healing for Transcendent Health


Scholarships, Grants, Student Loans & Workstudy

In the words of our students…

The program you are enrolling in is an accredited certification program and upon registration, you sign a registration agreement. You can review the registration agreement in it’s entirety here. This agreement will also appear when you make your tuition payment as the text in the “terms and conditions”. The agreement is designed to help you to commit and succeed in the completion of your certification.
If you find that our programs are not a perfect fit, you can withdraw at any time. Students who withdraw are eligible for tuition payment refunds during the first eight weeks following registration, according to the following schedule:

Withdrawal Policy & Tuition Refunds
First Week                                       100%
Second Week                                  75%
Third week                                       60%
Fourth week                                    40%
After Fourth Week                         20%
After Eighth Week                          0%