Healing happens in the light

Your breath carries the light and your attention is the driver. You have everything you need within you to experience transcendent health.

Within the DNA Activation & Attunement process, you are attuned to a high vibrational golden orb of light. Once you have completed your meditation practice, it can benefit you to practice breathing the golden light through your body. This is greatly assisted by music! The playlists below each have a seperate purpose and can help to raise your vibration in between the time of your formal healing practice.

The first playlist is mostly from Hildegard Von Bingen, she does an amazing job of vocalizing divine light. The track titled Vision is always playing here before and after our DNA Activations & Attunements!

The next playlist is a compilation of meditations by Diana Cooper. She is a beautiful human being and teaches and leads meditations that are very much aligned with this process. Each track in this playlist has been hand selected to compliment this program. If you shuffle this playlist, you can have a different healing experience every time you play it.
This is a morning meditation playlist, created specifically for this DNA Activation & Attunement process. The artists on this playlist that use sound to embody divine frequencies to perfection. You will find the largest selection of songs from Steven Halpern. Steven Halpern helps your body to open to the frequency of abundance present within divine light, his music helps you not only to open to physical abundance, but to open to the infinite abundance of love and light at the center of our universe and our hearts. The next largest collection of songs is from Snatam Kaur, she chants Sanskrit mantras. It is believed that when we chant the name of the divine in Sanskrit, which is one of the oldest known languages on Earth, we connect to the frequency of divinity. Servant of Peace is the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi and Gobinda Hari is the name of Krishna as a child. Gobinda Hari assists you in coming into alignment with your highest self. If you listen closely, you can hear the words Gobinda Hari transform into the word Indigo in the middle of the chant, a divine reminder of the web of vibration, frequency and sound that connects all that is!! There are also several family and kid-friendly songs on this playlist by MC Yogi, this is designed to be integrated into your morning routine, even if that does not include kids, your inner child will be served 🙂 It ends with the 10-minute daily chakra healing meditation from this program!