DNA Activations & Attunements are designed to assist you in healing and strengthening your physical, mental and emotional bodies. They include a combination of energy healing, hypnosis, breathwork and guided creative visualization. At the core of the healing is to bring about a remembrance of your multidimensional nature as a master being of light and love.


What Is DNA Activation?

Your DNA holds the patterns that your soul has traveled through time and space. It holds the genetic maps that direct all cellular response in your body. Activating your DNA strands is an energetic therapeutic process that brings deep healing, it repairs damaged cells and awakens dormant cells. This is all done through deeply rooting into high vibrational frequencies of love and light. DNA Activation is an energy healing modality.


How Does DNA Activation Work? 

DNA activations work through chakra points and meridians of both your subtle and physical bodies. As healing light moves through the energy centers and passages in your body, energy begins moving at a faster rate. Your pituitary and pineal gland will expand in light and enable you to utilize much more of your left/right brain capacity and experience simultaneous multidimensional states of being. This level of light in your body will begin the process of allowing you to restructure your DNA and genes.

The benefits of these powerful energy healing activations are:

✔ Empowered Decision Making

✔ Confidence in Talents

✔ Increased Physical and Mental Energy and Clarity

✔ Strengthened Immune System

✔ Healthy Function of Organs, Tissues and Muscles

✔Access Deep Inner Wisdom

✔ Heal Past Karma and Current Relationships

✔ Bring Healing and Balance to your Brain

✔ Healing from Illness and Disease


We work with a spiraling vortex of energy that brings in frequencies of light and love and work on different parts of the body, chakras and meridians to assist you in clearing any illusionary earthly beliefs of judgement, guilt, or fear you have held. The activations and attunements are assisted by a group of ascended masters, angels and lightbeings and guide you to meet your soul family, soul mates, twin souls, master guides, inner child and your highest self; all to assist you in reclaiming your full multidimensional nature.


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